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Protect Your Family And Your Property Value
With One Of The Most Trusted Names In Roofing
Since 1948

Protect Your Family And Your Property Value
With One Of The Most Trusted Names In Roofing
Since 1948

Protect Your Family And Your Property Value
With One Of The Most Trusted Names In Roofing
Since 1948

Using only the finest in quality roofing materials, we assure you that our installation and warranties will stand the test of time and the elements. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Standard and Architectural Roofing
  • Seamless Gutters
  • Gutter Covers
  • Metal Roofs
  • Chimney Caps
  • Bay Tops
  • Tile
  • Shingles

Our roofing specialists will evaluate your roof, recommend the best solution and consult with you to work out a detailed action plan. M. R. Roberson Roofing Company provides exceptional workmanship, high-quality products and expert experience for all of your roofing needs. To learn more about our services, please contact us.


If you need a professional roofing service that works for a competitive price yet provides a top notch quality, you have come to the right place. Our roofing services are available on a wide scale. Regardless of the style or method that you choose, we are confident that we will be able to provide you the quality that you seek for a very competitive price. Our business philosophy is very simple; we thrive to deliver a solution that is extremely efficient and affordable. These two conditions together are what make our service popular, and we would not change this philosophy.

Our detailed roofing services

• Roof building and repair: Our services include complete roof building and roof repairs. From a style standpoint, the possibilities are virtually endless. You will be able to choose the material based on any number of criteria of yours.

Most people put the emphasis on durability, but there are scenarios where a little less durable material (and style) really grabs our customers’ attention from an aesthetic standpoint and they decide to go with that instead of the little more durable, but a little less aesthetically pleasing material.

The main materials that we use are asphalt, fiberglass and concrete. Each has their own certain characteristics and each has its place. Tile roofs are very popular because they offer some much needed durability in a very good looking construction. However, they are pricey compared to other solutions. One of the reasons is because they are often made from fire-proof material.

• Roof maintenance: Maintaining the quality of a roof is important. This includes anything from the repair of separate tiles to the complete replacement of a certain area of the roof. It depends entirely on the customer’s request and the damage. We will offer our expertise whenever they are open to hear it, but otherwise it will come down to their decision, which is of course how we prefer it. If you need us to, we will inspect your roof twice a year (preferably during the spring and fall) and inform you about any looming dangers that could compromise it. This could be anything from an aesthetic annoyance to a major problem that can endanger the structural integrity of the roof.

• Dealing with damaging chemicals and mold: Unfortunately, there are plenty of chemicals and even organisms that can slowly but surely compromise your roof. If the ventilation is not ideal for example, moisture can get trapped in the attic, creating a paradise for various molds that can weaken its structure.

• Guttering replacement: Naturally, our roof replacement service involves the roof repair and re-roofing of the gutter as well. When possible, we will apply effective repairing methods, but sometimes the combination of the weather and the debris does irreparable damage, in which case we are left with one solution, the full replacement of the guttering system.

• Special coatings are available: If you want us to, we can cover your roof with a special coating that will protect it from possible fire and water damage while slowing down the fading effect that is caused by direct sunlight.

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